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At Boulder Dam Brewing Co., we're not just passionate about our own brews, we're passionate about all good beer.
Our twelve-tap system hosts the greatest and most current creations available. From local and worldwide brewers alike, our guest taps are rotated frequentl
y, offering new and exciting selections to entice and expand the palate.
From ambers to IPA's, pales to stouts
, we offer it all! Take the Safari!

Current Selections

Let There Be Light!

When you want something on the lighter side, look no further.  From European pilsners to American blonde ales, these are quality lighter brews!



Feelin' Fruity?

Fruit has been an essential ingredient in alcohol for thousands of years.  Beers brewed using fruit have a long tradition.  From Old World breweries to today's booming craft brewers, there is never a shortage of fantastic fruit beers!



Lookin' Kinda Pale

The American Pale Ale is a staple of the craft industry since Sierra Nevada first brewed their flagship beer.  We bring you the best pale ales from all over the country!



The Hunt for Red Ale

Ambers were once THE beer you had to brew in the early craft beer years.  Today, reds and ambers are a little harder to find, but we search not only the U.S., but the world, to find those malty, copper-colored treats!




Hops, hops and more hops!  Craft beer drinkers' obsession with the hop is legendary!  The bitterness.  The bite.  We love the hop!  If you're a hop-head, these are your beers!



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Come to the Dark Side

If you think beers you can see through are for... other people, we've got something for you!  From porters to brown ales to stouts; from Ireland to weat coast of the U.S., we're pouring the best black stuff!



Gravity Works!

Sometimes, there's nothing like a pint that knocks the socks off your liver!  High gravity beers are our way of saying "high in alcohol."  Whether it's an imperial stout, a double IPA or a Belgian tripel, these brews are serious.



'Tis the Seasonal

So many beers are available only seasonally.  Whether it's sourcing ingredients, following tradition, or just being ornery, lots of great beers are only available during certain times of the year.  We make sure to bring you the best of the season!




The cider revolution has begun!  Craft cideries are popping up all over the place.  And, they're not just creating the same old apple juice (not that there's anything wrong with a good hard apple cider!)  From elderberries to apricots, craft cideries are making some special stuff!



Brewer's Choice!


Sometimes the Bru Guru falls in love with a beer, and just has to share it with everybody.  Make sure you check out what our brewer is drinking next time you're in!



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Always On Tap
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