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A classic British pub offering. Our shandy is made with Powder Monkey Pilsner and sweet, refreshing lemonade. Sounds weird? We know. But trust us (or at least the British) on this one.

Rattlesnake Bite
A popular "no-no" in British pubs, this delicious and fruity concoction is half Powder Monkey Pilsner and half hard cider. 
Irish Rattler

Rattlesnakes in Ireland? Well, no... but the legend says snakes destroyed much of the apple harvest one year, so folks mixed their cider with stout to help extend their cider rations. Tart and malty, this beer is a tasty blend of hard cider and our current Dam stout.

Black Powder

Our Dam version of the famous black and tan is a delicious layering of some usual suspects-- only reversed! Crisp and light Powder Monkey Pilsner is lofted on top of rich and dark stout.

A true Irish classic!

Golden Cream

Root beer float? How about a real beer float! A pint of rich and malty stout topped with a scoop of sweet vanilla ice cream. What a dessert!


Our take on the classic Mexican Michelada! This specialty consists of tomato and lime juices, peppers, and a variety of spices. Rimmed with sweet and spicy Tajin and mixed with our signature Powder Monkey Pilsner. Delicioso!

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