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Zombie Walk!

     Saturday, October 15th will mark the sixth straight year zombies have invaded Boulder City! The annual Zombie Walk, hosted by Boulder Dam Brewing Co. and the Las Vegas chapter of the Zombie Squad, is a charitable event benefitting the Heaven Can Wait Animal Society.
     Attracting hundreds of the undead from across the valley, the Zombie Walk has grown in popularity every year. “It’s one crazy party!” says Todd Cook, owner of Boulder Dam Brewing Co. (or “the brewpub,” as it’s referred to locally.) “We’ve always been involved in local charities and non-profits, and we love to throw huge parties. When the Zombie Squad approached me a few years ago, it was a perfect fit!”
     An outrageous event for all ages, this year's Zombie Walk will feature terrific live music from four bands – The Legendary Boilermakers, Incarnate, Water Landing and Joni's Agenda! There’s also a horde of crazy prizes, makeup artists and, of course, herds of the living dead shambling through the streets of Old Town Boulder City. A $5 donation per ghoul gets you into the Walk and the wild party after. Raffle tickets will be sold all night for chances to win some awesome prizes. Professional makeup artists will be on-site to assist with the zombification of the living. “We definitely encourage people to arrive infected,” says Cook, “but, for a small donation, there will be artists to help before the Walk. Just be sure to get here early!” Members of the Zombie Squad, in full tactical gear, ensure everyone will be safe from the undead menace (and younger zombies safe from traffic!) Squad members will also be available to educate people on surviving a zombie uprising.

    With a slogan reading, “We Make Dead Things Deader,” the Zombie Squad is “the world’s premier non-stationary cadaver suppression task force.” When the zombie removal business is slow, however, the Squad focuses on educating the community about the importance of disaster preparedness, volunteering, raising money for worthy non-profits and hosting events such as food, clothing and blood drives. “We’re community-minded,” says Cook, who is also a member of the Squad. “We raise awareness and money for local charities, and we have a great time doing it.” When asked how the walking dead fit in, he replies, “We practice and teach personal preparedness and self-reliance. Our attitude is if you’re prepared for a zombie outbreak, you’re prepared for pretty much anything, from a simple power outage to a major natural disaster.” For more information about the Zombie Squad, you can visit their website at You can also visit the Las Vegas chapter’s Facebook page at

This year’s Zombie Walk begins at 7:00 pm on Saturday, October 15th at the brewpub.

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